Poirier Furniture is proud to offer our financing options to you in-house to make your experience easy and convenient. We often have customers question the benefits of in-house financing over a line of credit. We feel that by offering you the option of in-house financing and explaining the differences to you, you are benefiting in the following ways:

  • Does not tie up collateral outside your purchase, like your house, car, RRSP's etc. as lines of credit do.
  • Our in-house financing can be paid out at any time without penalty.
  • Any additional payments made above the required premium are applied directly to the loan principle.
  • In-house financing pays down principle and interest every month, whereas lines of credit have only interest that needs to be paid monthly; therefore, a line of credit takes longer to pay off. In this case, even though the interest rate is sometimes lower than that of in-house financing rates, you can pay more interest in the long run due to longer term debt.
  • Our in-house financing is more convenient and less hassle for you.
  • No Administration Fee

For further information about in-house financing, please call us @ (613) 932-6550 .

We also offer Fairstone




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