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Maytag Bravos Washer & Dryer

Category: Washers & Dryers
Manufacturer: Maytag show products


Maytag® 5.0 cu. ft. Bravos HE Top Load Washer with Power Wash - MVWX655DW

Bravos® laundry pairs are Better Built to deliver all kinds of clean for all kinds of clothes. It starts with this 4.3 cu. ft. top load washer. We combined the Best Cleaning in its class1 driven by the PowerWash® system with the steel rod construction of the industry-exclusive Smooth Glide drawer. This means you can count on added movement from the Power™ Impeller for deep cleaning inside the large capacity washer basket, and consistent loading for your detergent with optimal dispensing. Plus, this washing machine is built to last thanks to the sturdy Maytag® Commercial Technology we put under the hood, and the 10-year limited parts warranty2 on the drive motor and wash basket.


Maytag® 7.0 cu. ft. Bravos Dryer with Steam Refresh Cycle - YMEDX6SBW

Count on your clothes looking their best with this dependable Bravos® electric dryer. Featuring the Steam Refresh cycle, this high-efficiency dryer helps relax wrinkles and reduce odors without rewashing. With enough space to evenly dry your largest loads, this 7.0 cu. ft. steam dryer also uses IntelliDry® sensors to help eliminate overdrying. You'll rest easy knowing that the Sanitize cycle removes 99.9% of three common bacteria from clothing and fabrics. This electric dryer even features a Wrinkle Control option that helps prevent wrinkles by intermittently tumbling clothes after the cycle has ended without adding heat.

Available in: White

Top Features

Best Cleaning in Its Class1 Driven by the PowerWash® System

The Best Cleaning in its class1 is driven by the PowerWash® system and features the extra cleaning action of the PowerWash® cycle to handle stubborn stains.

Optimal Dispensers

Optimal dispensers automatically release detergent and fabric softener at the right time for better cleaning performance.

PowerWash® System

The high-performance features of the PowerWash® system drive the Best Cleaning in its class1.

Additional Features...

PowerWash™ Cycle

The PowerWash® cycle is specially designed to remove difficult stains and deliver the Best Cleaning in its class1.

Power™ Impeller

The active Power™ Impeller keeps clothes thoroughly saturated with a triple action spray, and adds more movement for deep cleaning.

Maytag® Commercial Technology

Maytag brand washers are known for their dependability. The new Bravos X® washers continue that legacy with long-lasting, commercial-grade components such as corrosion-resistant springs, and a durable wash impeller.

10-Year Limited Parts Warranty2 on the Drive Motor and Wash Basket

We're so confident that these washers are built to get your clothes clean for years, we back them with a 10-year limited parts warranty2 on the direct drive motor and stainless steel wash basket.

American Pride

We take pride in building strong, reliable appliances for your home. From Clyde, Ohio to you, these washers are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

Smooth Glide Drawer

The industry-exclusive Smooth Glide drawer with steel rod construction means you can load up the optimal dispensers without a hassle.

Extra-Large Capacity to Clean Your Largest Loads3

These 4.3 cu. ft. capacity washers are designed to tackle your largest loads.

Deep Water Wash Cycle

When you've got a bulky bunch to wash, Deep Water Wash raises the water level to make your laundry day a breeze.

Stainless Steel Wash Basket

The wash basket is constructed of sturdy stainless steel that's built for the long haul and stays looking great.


The large window on Bravos® washers gives a dynamic view of a whole lot of impressive washing.

Cleans Up to 19 Towels

Maytag® washers are the perfect way to clean up to 19 towels in a single load.

Washes and Dries Up to 18 Towels

These washers and dryers make the perfect pair to wash and dry up to 18 towels in a single load, so you can empty the whole hamper in a whole lot fewer loads.

Cold Wash Cycle

The Cold Wash cycle tackles difficult stains in cold water using extra cleaning action.

DOE Compliant

These washers meet the minimum Department of Energy requirements, so they help you save money on your utility bills.


Top Features

Steam Refresh Cycle

The Steam Refresh cycle helps relax wrinkles and reduce odors without rewashing.

Largest Loads, Evenly Dried

Count on these dryers to get your largest loads evenly dried every time.

Maytag® Commercial Technology

These dryers come standard with high-performance, commercial-grade parts.

Additional Features...

Heavy-Duty Motor

The heavy-duty motor provides faster spin speeds, which work together with optimized airflow for exceptional drying.

10-Year Limited Parts Warranty on the Drive Motor and Dryer Drum

For the first time ever in top load, we're backing these drying machines with a 10-year limited parts warranty on the drive motor and dryer drum.

American Pride

We take pride in building strong, reliable appliances for your home. From Marion, Ohio to you, these dryers are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

Wrinkle Control Option

Designed to dry clothes such as knits and permanent press fabrics, this cycle minimizes wrinkles by providing a longer unheated tumbling period at the end of the cycle.

Extra-Large Capacity

These 7.0 cu. ft. capacity dryers have plenty of space to dry 18 towels in a single load.

IntelliDry® Sensor

This sensor measures moisture levels with two moisture strips in the dryer, and automatically stops when clothes are dry. This saves time and helps minimize the risk of over-drying and shrinking.

Sanitize Cycle

The Sanitize cycle removes up to 99.9% of three common household bacteria.




Width 27 1/2
Depth 28
Height 43



Width 29
Depth 27 3/4
Height 43 3/8
Depth With Door Open 90 Degree 50 1/2